Keep your hands on the wheel, and your eyes on the road.

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Dear Elected Official,

Driver cell phone and hand held device use is a growing epidemic in America, killing more Americans each year than the combined death toll from the Iraq and Afghan wars. A driver using a hand held phone increases his collision risk by four times (equal to that of legal intoxication), while texting increases risk by 23 times (six times that of intoxication). Astonishingly, up to 85 % of teenagers and many adults admit to cell phone use while driving.

The states that have criminalized this dangerous activity have generally failed to enforce laws, and applied only trivial consequences. In California where driver cell phone use is illegal, at any given time about 3% of drivers are actively texting and 4% are using hand held cell phones. Additionally, most cell phone producers, network providers, and automakers have encouraged unrestricted cell phone usage, and have minimized the dangers of their products.

Just as we look to our government to insure our water is clean and our food is not contaminated, government is obligated to regulate basic highway safety. All Americans have the right to use our roadways free from impaired drivers. Repeated surveys confirm that voters want stronger restriction, regulation, and punishment of the texting driver. Please support and initiate legislation that penalizes the “cell drunk” driver as severely as the intoxicated driver. Protect our children, family, and friends today!

Thank you.



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