T O   C O N T A C T   O R   D O N A T E :
• Combat distracted driving through education, enforcement, and legislation.
• Promote access to health care for the uninsured.
• Provide tools to the disadvantaged. 
It doesn't require 
evil or malice
to destroy good...
simply carelessness 
or inattention.

Eric Okerblom Foundation
Bob & Eilene Okerblom
6087 Elkhorn Lane, Santa Maria CA 93455
(805) 714-0646

A non-profit, publicly-funded, charitable foundation
Fed tax ID 27-3435365
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Eric’s Run                                                            5k/10k
Click here to get the facts on the laws in California:

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation website is a quick and powerful way to tell 
Eric’s story. It illustrates that our Federal Government has recognized Eric’s 
tragedy and all the needless deaths caused by distracted drivers.
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